Plant Features:

  • 14,000 barrel storage capacity (Intracoastal City)
  • 6000 barrel storage capacity (Cameron)
  • 4000 barrel storage capacity (Berwick)
  • Berwick facility features ramp and crane services
  • Multiple truck loading and unloading capabilities with washout facility
  • Dockside loading and unloading of boats and barges with washout facility
  • Complete drilling fluid testing services


Plant Services:

  • Freshwater lignosulfonate mud from 9.0 PPG to 21.0 PPG
  • Storage of any weight freshwater lignosulfonate mud
  • Custom blending of ALL types of drilling mud to customer specifications
  • Sodium Chloride (NACL) brines to 10.0 PPG and KCL water to customer specifications
  • Completion fluids (Price upon request)



  • 120 BBL. load capacity tank units
  • Service includes operator and helper
  • Overhead boom and rear tank loading capabilities
  • Auger-enhanced slurrying & pumping of solid materials
  • Hazwoper, confined space entry & first aid/CPR certified personnel


  • Open and closed tank cleaning at drilling and production locations
  • Non-hazardous solid waste material clean-up at industrial plants
  • E & P materials transported to waste facility via I.L.M. Vacuum Trucks
  • Complete mobile cleaning equipment & personnel available for tank cleaning



  • 130 BBL. & 140 BBL. payload capacity tank units
  • Stainless Steel tankers available for critical materials
  • Dry bulk transportation available
  • PTO driven, heavy-duty, vane style vacuum pumps
  • Standard 100' -3" camlock hose and 2" - 4" transition fittings
  • Berwick, Cameron & Intracoastal City plants equiped with water-base & oil-base washout systems


  • Transport all non-hazardous fluid products (L.P.S.C. Permit #5561-D)
  • E & P waste materials transported to licensed facility for disposal
  • Transfer all non-hazardous liquid materials on location and in field


Super Frac-Tanks:

  • 500 barrel storage capacity (epoxy lined)
  • Gun line equipped
  • Tank dimensions are 8' width x 40' length x 10' height
  • Safety stairs at front of tank for easy gauging of fluid
  • Gauge at aproximately 4.5 bbls. per inch (strapping chart affixed)
  • Standard 4" valves front and rear for efficient loading & unloading

Liquid Mud Barges:

  • NLB-481 Certified Barge with 2300 barrels or 870 tons maximum payload capacity
  • Diesel powered centrifugal pump for transferring fluids
  • Equipped with gun lines for circulating payload compartments
  • Towing services and barge operators available upon request
  • Complete vessel tank cleaning services available


Berwick, Cameron & Intracoastal City dock-side cleaning:

  • 3 or 4 person cleaning crews with equipment (supervisor & roustabouts)
  • Hazwoper, confined space entry & first aid/CPR certified personnel
  • All required OSHA and USCG approved safety & rescue equipment
  • Toxicity testing, entry permit & J.S.A.'s are standard procedures
  • Proven processes for reducing or eliminating disposal costs

Water-Base mud & calcium chloride fluid residue cleaning Services:

  • Reuse wash water during cleaning operations
  • Condition wash water and recycle to drilling mud services
  • E & P waste disposal cost eliminated

Oil-base Mud & calcium/zinc bromide fluid residue cleaning Services:

  • Reuse wash water during cleaning operations
  • E & P wash water & residue solids hauled to designated waste disposal facility via I.L.M. trucks
  • Spreadsheets to support reduced disposal costs available upon request


Tank Features:

  • 340 bbl. capacity
  • Open top tank
  • Dual gas busters operate from either end of tank or flow "two" lines at once
  • Hook-up at ground level
  • Max-Vac and Vacuum Truck Services available by ILM trucks
  • Pick-up and delivery by ILM trucks


Dry-Vac Unit Specifications:

  • Self contained diesel powered unit
  • Unit is able to extract dry material from vessel up to 250' away
  • Unit uses 6" hoses standard, but can be reduced to 4" if necessary
  • Unit can transfer material from one vessel to another
  • Unit can be loaded onto deck, enabling cleaning of vessel tanks while underway between docks while in port
  • Material can be loaded "Directly" into drums, bags or customer approved containers


Tank Features:

  • 85 bbl. capacity, Round Tank "No Corners"
  • Diesel Power / Centrifugal Pump
  • "Gun Lines" instead of Agitators
  • Bottom Suction for Easy Cleanout Between Mixes
  • All product put into solution, "No Waste"
  • Compact Size will fit any Drilling or Workover Location
  • Loss circulation Pills / High viscosity pills
  • Barite Slugs / Pre-Mix Chemical Slurries and sweeps

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